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FISHER: Perform Fisher's Exact Test

This is a simple program that will perform Fisher's Exact test on 2x2 tables, including those with reasonably large counts. Spurling and Hayden (1984) describe use of this test for spatial analysis. The program has only interactive input and output. One simply enters the four cells of a two-way table and the result is printed on the screen. The probabilities represent the likelihood of achieving a result as or more extreme than the observed if the row and column variables were independent. The two-tailed probability includes the probabilities of all possible tables as or less likely than the observed. The one-tailed probability includes the probabilities those table as or less likely than the observed in the direction of the observed from the expected.


Enter 2x2 Table Counts in the Following Form
    │ -  +
  - │ a  b
  + │ c  d

  a ? 10
  b ? 7
  c ? 14
  d ? 12

    │      -       +
  - │     10       7
  + │     14      12

One-tailed P: 0.49814960
Two-tailed P: 0.76535988

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Page Last Updated: 21 June 2022

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