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CONVSYS: Convert SYSTAT files to CSV or Antana Format

       CONVSYS reads SYSTAT format files (.SYS) extension and writes an equivalent data file and optional row and column label file in Antana format (see "Program Conventions" section) so that they can be used with TFQA or other Antana's programs. These Antana files can easily be converted to the widely used CSV format using the companion TFQA program ADF2CSV.  The original SYSTAT file is not altered in any way. The program works with rectangular (i.e. regular) SYSTAT files saved in double precision (the default) and recognizes missing values. It works with SYSTAT versions 2.1 through 4.0 and may work with other versions.

       If you try to convert a file saved in single precision, the program will give you a message to that effect. In this case you will need to use SYSTAT to first re-save the file in double precision. To do this start the SYSTAT DATA module, then on successive lines type USE oldfile, SAVE newfile, RUN, and QUIT.


CONVSYS: Convert SYSTAT files to Antana Format

SYSTAT File to Convert {.SYS} ?

      Enter the file or path name of the SYSTAT file that you want to convert. You don't need to enter the .SYS, but it doesn't hurt. Do not use quotation marks around the file name, just enter its name. Examples: TEST gets TEST.SYS on the default drive and directory; C:\DATA\TEST gets TEST.SYS from the DATA subdirectory on the C drive.

Output Antana-Format File Name {.ADF} ?

      Enter the name of the Antana format file that you want to create. The program will suggest as a default the SYSTAT file name with an extension of .ADF for Antana Data File.

Antana Column (Variable) Label File Name {.ACL} ?

      Some Antana programs make use of variable (column) labels. The SYSTAT variable names will be written into this file. If you don't want this file, reply NUL.

Antana Row (Observation) Label File Name {.ARL} ?

      Some Antana programs make use of observation (row) labels. A sequential case number or the value of one SYSTAT variable (that you select below) will be written into this file. If you don't want this file, reply NUL.

Write in [S]cientific or [F]ixed Format {S} ?

      If you reply S, the program asks for the number of significant digits and will write out numeric SYSTAT variables in scientific notation, e.g. if you request 7 significant digits (the default), 137.0000 is written out as 1.370000E+02 . For most purposes, scientific notation is probably preferable, and seven significant digits is usually enough.

      If you reply F, the program asks for the number of digits to the right and left of the decimal and writes out the data in a fixed format, e.g. if four digits to the left and two to the right were specified, 137.0000 would be written out 137.00. Even if you do not specify enough digits to the left of the decimal point, the program will not truncate any values; however, the program will round to the number of decimal digits (including 0) that you specify. The analysis programs read the Antana format file either way; fixed format is useful mainly if you care how the file looks.

Version  ?.?   Release ?    Mod ?
Number of Variables: ?   File Type ?   Precision ?
SYSTAT File Variables Are:
  1=?            2=?            ...

Case Label Variable Number (0=Sequential) {0} ?

      At this point the program reads the beginning of the SYSTAT file and reports the information contained there, including the variable names. One of these variables may be selected as a case (row) label to be put in the .RLF file, or press Enter to use sequential numbers from 1 to the number of cases as labels. If a numeric variable is chosen, the program will ask for formatting information for the variable as it appears in the case label.

Numeric Variables ? Character Variables ?

Cases ?

Rewriting Antana File w/ Antana Header

End of Conversion

      The program reports its progress. Any problems encountered in the conversion are reported.


#Cases# 5 #Vars# 4         
 1.73000E+001  1.86000E+001 #bowl#  7.00000E+000  2.00000E+000 
 1.96000E+001  2.35000E+001 #jar#  9.00000E+000 -1.00000E+036 
 1.21000E+001  1.79000E+001 #bowl#  2.00000E+000  3.00000E+000 
 6.50000E+000  1.78000E+001 #bowl#  4.00000E+000  1.00000E+000 
 1.96000E+001  2.30000E+000 #jar#  3.00000E+000  2.00000E+000

Page Last Updated: 4 May 2021

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