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calculate_K: Calculate K constant for Cowgill's Interval Estimation Formula

This program estimates the constant K for a given standard deviation cutoff of a truncated normal distribution of true dates in Cowgill's formula described in Cowgill and Kintigh 2020.

Running the program

Download the calculate_K.exe.exe file f to a directory on your computer. To run the program, navigate using the Windows File Explorer, to that directory and double-click on  the .exe file. In a Windows “Run” window, you will see the program banner reproduced below. After that, the program will prompt you for information that it needs to run. More information on running my programs may be found at See especially, Program Conventions and Running TFQA under Windows

Sequence of Program Prompts
         │                     calculate_K V1.0                      │
         │ Calculate K for Cowgill's Ihat Interval Estimate Formula  │
         │                                                           │
         │                 (C) 2020 Keith W. Kintigh                 │
         │                    All Rights Reserved                    │
         │                                                           │
         │                    421 Calle Kokopelli                    │
         │                    Santa Fe, NM 87501                     │
Normal Std. Cutoff: +/- (0 for Rectangular Distribution) {2.0} ? 1.5
Normal SD Bounds +/-= 1.50SD     K= 4.039605

Simply provide value for the s.d. cutoff for the truncated normal distribution and the program replies with the apppropriate K value. It then allows you to request K for a different s.d. cutoff or to end the program.  There is no file input or output.

Calculate another K {Y} ? n
OK to Close Program Window {Y} ?

The final prompt is intended to allow you to examine the on-screen results. One you reply with Y or Enter it will
close the Windows Run screen window and you won’t be able to recover it.

Reference Cited

Cowgill George L. and Keith W. Kintigh

2020  Some Simple Ways to Use Multiple Uncertain Dates to Estimate Intervals.  Manuscript available in tDAR.  (tDAR id: 458200; doi:10.6067/XCV8458200)  

Page Last Updated: 4 October 2020

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